Mechanical Methods

  • Packing a bicycle for shipping or air travel
  • Applying Torque to Stuck Things
  • Buying a Used Bike
  • Patching a Tube
  • a method for crown race removal
  • A Proposal for Measuring Geometry Differently
  • Pedals, Shoes, and Toe Clips
  • 5 and 6 speed Bicycle Drivetrains

Riding Technique

  • Dressing for the cold and wet
  • Pacific Northwest Mountain Weather Links
  • Carrying Large Objects on a Bicycle
  • Traffic: how to not die
  • Trackstands
  • Comfortable Chairs


Theory and Speculation


  • Solar Electric Tricycles
  • Fascia Cobwebbing
  • A Gallery of Cycling Curiosities
  • How to Combat Negative Effects of Cycling