Bartering List

This is an ongoing semi-updated list of things I am trying to sell, give, or trade away, and things I am trying to get.

Bikes For Sale

  • Full Force 6-speed mtb
  • Raleigh C-40
  • Sekai Commuter
  • Tour Bike Replica

Stuff I’ve got lying around

  • tents: small solo sierra designs light year, 3-person big agnes seedhouse 3
  • camping bedding: foam sleeping pads and used sleeping bags, used but still viable
  • miscellaneous used bike helmets.  one ski helmet
  • MSR camp stoves: dragonfly, whisperlite, and whisperlite internationale
  • lots of housepaint, mostly indoor.  white, light colors & pastels.  old-ish
  • ~14′ long, 3″ diameter bamboo poles (about 4-6 of them)
  • miscellaneous mild steel and cold rolled steel rods, tubes, and angle-iron
  • a giant army-surplus cargo net, for dropping multi-thousand-pound payloads from helicopters
  • lots of computer-to-monitor cables and converters for different types, mostly apple
  • a functional apple g4 tower, working with monitor.  10.4 is the most recent OS it can use, so it’s kinda slow for the modern internet, but useful if you’ve got nothing else
  • a few 2′ lengths of 8″ stovepipe
  • fencing equipment for one: foil, mask, and maybe a bit of other protective gear
  • scary quantity of lab-grade pure caffeine
  • GoPro Hero2 black edition with plenty accessories
  • Shorty-distance Trippel mini-tallbike
  • small hand miter saw for detailed woodworking

Stuff I’m vaguely hoping to come across

  • full-size (4×8 or larger) sheets of plywood or decent compressed-board
  • a large format high-quality photo printer, able to print on 11 x 13 sheets or larger
  • wooden pallats
  • sewing machine
  • drill press
  • chainsaw
  • old bikes and bike parts, always
  • motorcycle project